About Us

HappyDayUSA is the Website that provides all the information about the Federal holidays of USA. It includes the Special and Famous Days of the United States of America. These days are given below.

Father’s Day

This day is celebrated in the USA on the 18th of June every year.

USA Independence Day

American celebrate their independence on the fourth of July.

Labor Day

It is celebrated on September 4th in US of America.

Patriot Day

Sep 11 is the patriotism day in the US.

Columbus Day

There is a holiday for the Columbus day on October 9.

Black Friday

The famous shopping day is always celebrated on the last Friday of November.

HappyDayUSA.com covers each and every celebration aspect of these days including the special Fireworks, historic Parades, Messages & Wishes, Quotes along with Wallpapers, Picnic & Parties and many more things.